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White Mound Route & Our Foggy Weekend

This weekend Dale and I rode the White Mound Route.  We had checked the weather forecast and it called for sun and low 80’s…my favorite riding weather.  What it did not mention was that to get to the sunny day, you had to wait for the sun to burn off lots and lots of fog!  So, it was a very misty, damp, cool start to day one when we began the route in Gotham and headed counterclockwise toward Reedsburg.

The roads were awesome and wound through quintessential Wisconsin countryside, with farms, hills, bluffs, forests.  In addition to the White Mound Route, we added side trips to 2 Rustic Roads and did some fun unplanned wandering as we left the route and went to Mauston to spend the night.  After a soak in the hot tub, some time in the pub (with a few fun rounds of pool), a good meal and a good nights sleep we were ready for day two.

Day two started out just as foggy as the first day!  We headed back to the route and continued on our way.  One of my favorite parts of day two was a ride through White Mound County Park.  Another was riding Garvey Road…just beautiful!  We realized on day one that we were having a problem with our GPS and as a result we had been rerouted and missed a few things we wanted to see and do.  So, as we passed close to them the second day we cut across and rode what we had missed, including this special road:

20180819_110035.jpg    20180819_110049

Wildlife abounded once again, sometimes too close for comfort:


Both real and imaginary…like Elephant Trunk Rock:

We made one last stop for an adventure that was a throw back to Dale’s youth and all of the fun hours he spent on his dirt bike.  We went out to Jones Lake, near Blue River, for a some fun with gravel, sand, and water!  It did not disappoint.


Great roads, incredible scenery, and as always the best companion ever!  It was a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “White Mound Route & Our Foggy Weekend

  1. You two are so much fun! You really know how to enjoy life!

    1. Thank you! We certainly try to enjoy every day!

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