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We Are Back!!


Earlier today we discovered that due to a fiber optic break in San Antonio, Texas, our site had intermittent failures and eventually went completely down.  It is back up now and we are checking everything over at this time to make sure nothing is broken.

Thanks for your patience during this outage.

In other news, we are happy to announce that we have activated 2 more routes; the Bi-State Route, and the Highway 16 Route.  These routes are in northeast Iowa and southeast Minnesota respectively.  The upcoming Hiawatha Rally, held in Money Creek, MN is actually one of the waypoints of the Highway 16 Route.

These routes are currently only available to Patreon members at the $3 and above level.  They will be available to everyone else around 10:00 pm CST Thursday night.  Please consider becoming a Patron and have early access to routes as well as other great perks.

With the completion of these 2 routes, we are now over halfway done with the initial 33 routes!  We are really excited to reach this milestone and we are energized to keep finishing these as quickly as possible.

One last thing, thank you to all our recent followers!  Our sticker give-away was a success and we are so pleased to welcome many new people!  Please keep on spreading the word…tell all your friends about us!!


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