Driftless Challenge

What is the Driftless Challenge?  Think part awesome motorcycle ride, part scavenger hunt, part amateur photography and part lottery.  Sound like fun?  Then read on…

Here’s how it works:

Below is a list of 99 locations located on our routes in the Driftless Area.  Driftless Challenge participants will choose the locations they wish to visit and take a photo with both their motorcycle and the location in the shot (safety first, don’t walk into traffic for a photo).  Participants will then submit their photos to us.

Although the contest will run through the end of October, we will have a winner at the end of each month.  Each picture a rider sends us equals one entry into that month’s drawing.

Riders can enter as many pictures that they want in any given month.  The more pictures, the better your chance of winning.  However, if you want to enter the contest for more than one month, you must send in new pictures (no recycling).

As mentioned above, there will be a winner every month for 6 months.  At the end of October we will have a drawing for the Grand Prize from among all of the entries we have received.

How much is it to enter?  It’s Free!  You can’t beat that price.

Where do I send the pictures?  DriftlessRoadAdventures@gmail.com.

How will I know if I win?  We will notify the winners by email.  We will also post the winners names on this page.

Other questions?  Send us a note through the contact form, or send us an email at DriftlessRoadAdventures@gmail.com.

So, gear up, grab your camera and hit the Driftless Area.  You will have a great time, and who knows, you could win some cool prizes!

Download the 2019 Driftless Challenge Locations.

2019 Driftless Challenge

RegionRouteTownPicture LocationGPS Coordinates
SouthBalltown DreamsBalltown, IABalltown Scenic Overlook42.640146, -90.870453
SouthBalltown DreamsDyersville, IAField of Dreams42.495142, -91.055055
SouthBalltown DreamsPeosta, IANew Melleray Abbey42.390010, -90.809381
SouthBig "M' RoutePlatteville, WIBig "M"42.763096, -90.407282
SouthBig "M' RouteNew Diggings, WINew Diggings General Store42.535368, -90.335493
SouthBig "M' RouteMuscoda, WISt. John Nepomucene Church43.056645, -90.498772
SouthLand of Lincoln RouteApple River, ILApple Canyon Lake Waterfall42.415951, -90.167087
SouthLand of Lincoln RouteScales Mound, ILCouncil Hill Station42.468759, -90.337324
SouthLand of Lincoln RouteMount Carroll, ILPoint Rock Park42.097388, -89.981699
SouthPecatonica RouteMineral Point, WIPendarvis42.863268, -90.173117
SouthPecatonica RouteNew Glarus, WISwiss center of North America42.814868, -89.645010
SouthPecatonica RouteBlanchardville, WIYellowstone Lake State Park42.770494, -89.985473
SouthPike's Peak RouteMcGregor, IAPikes Peak State Park42.994777, -91.166049
SouthPike's Peak RouteStrawberry Point, IAWorld's Largest Strawberry42.682568, -91.534516
SouthPike's Peak RouteClermont, IAMontauk43.008641, -91.648361
SouthSabula - Amamosa RouteSabula, IADriscolls Island42.070273, -90.182791
SouthSabula - Amamosa RouteAnamosa, IANational Motorcycle Museum42.104850, -91.265686
SouthSabula - Amamosa RouteDubuque, IAHorseshoe Bluff Hiking Trailhead42.461275, -90.636058
SouthTaliesin RouteSpring Green, WITaliesin43.141142, -90.063324
SouthTaliesin RouteDodgeville, WIGoverner Dodge State Park43.016594, -90.141469
SouthTaliesin RouteMount Horeb, WIStewart Lake Park43.017563, -89.745379
SouthWisconsin TriangleCassville, WINelson Dewey State Park42.731658, -91.017458
SouthWisconsin TriangleWoodman, WIDinky Store43.089388, -90.802940
SouthWisconsin TriangleHighland, WIHighland Fire Dept.43.046653, -90.379728
CentralBi-State RouteHouston, MNInternational Owl Center43.763235, -91.567642
CentralBi-State RouteLanesboro, MNInspiration Point Wayside Park43.693805, -91.997104
CentralBi-State RouteDecorah, IADunning Springs Falls43.311490, -91.791162
CentralBoaz/Caz routeRockbridge, WIPier County Park43.447052, -90.364222
CentralBoaz/Caz routeRichland Center, WIAD German Warehouse43.333511, -90.384199
CentralBoaz/Caz routeBlue River, WIFive Points Lutheran Church43.321010, -90.595658
CentralBlack Hawk Trail RouteViola, WIBanker Park Sign43.506026, -90.671876
CentralBlack Hawk Trail RouteRed Mound, WIBlack Hawk Trail Marker #543.470820, -91.170051
CentralBlack Hawk Trail RouteViroqua, WILucy Stone Historical Marker43.559820, -90.890621
CentralCamp Douglas RouteCazenovia, WIRail Road Mural43.523244, -90.196172
CentralCamp Douglas RouteCamp Douglas, WISt. John's Catholic Church43.920648, -90.271698
CentralCamp Douglas RouteElroy, WIElroy Theater43.737724, -90.269574
CentralDeke Slayton RouteSparta, WIDeke slayton Statue43.944452, -90.812690
CentralDeke Slayton RouteBlack River Falls, WIHistorical Marker Moccasin Game44.294596, -90.843745
CentralDeke Slayton RouteCashton, WINativity of the Blessed Virgin43.798625, -90.687562
CentralHighway 16 RouteHokah, MNComo Falls Park43.759437, -91.341621
CentralHighway 16 RouteChatfield, MNMill Creek Park43.842386, -92.193193
CentralHighway 16 RoutePeterson, MNPeterson Station Museum43.786289, -91.832477
CentralIowa Waterfall RouteHarpers Ferry, IAEffigy Mounds National Monument43.088337, -91.187644
CentralIowa Waterfall RouteSpillville, IABily Clocks Museum43.201922, -91.951053
CentralIowa Waterfall RouteWaukon, IAVillage Cowboy and Bull43.248991, -91.473178
CentralLower Kickapoo RouteFerryville, WIPatric, Lucy Historical Marker43.346841, -91.095941
CentralLower Kickapoo RouteGays Mills, WIGays Mills Overlook43.316302, -90.838150
CentralLower Kickapoo RoutePrairie du Chien WIDouseman House43.053173, -91.159561
CentralMindoro RouteMindoro, WIMindoro Cut Sign43.974149, -91.095419
CentralMindoro RouteCoon Valley, WINorskedalen Gate43.733534, -90.986679
CentralMindoro RouteLa Crosse, WIGranddad Park Sign43.812761, -91.200901
CentralRiver Bend RouteNorth Freedom, WIDr. Evermore's Sculpture Park43.363843, -89.769728
CentralRiver Bend RouteMerrimac, WIMerrimac Ferry43.371034, -89.627122
CentralRiver Bend RouteBaraboo, WIAldo Leopold Foundation43.557833, -89.639234
CentralWildcat RouteOntario, WIWidlcat Mountain State Park43.697820, -90.574278
CentralWildcat RouteTomah, WITomah Water Park43.972415, -90.501132
CentralWildcat RouteYuba, WIFire Department43.539157, -90.429306
CentralWhite Mound RouteGotham, WIRed Brick Schoolhouse43.223411, -90.293114
CentralWhite Mound RouteHill Point, WIWhite Mound County Park43.355277, -90.095942
CentralWhite Mound RouteRock Springs, WIVan Hise Rock43.488707, -89.915828
NorthArcadia RouteTrempealeau, WIPerrot State Park44.016262, -91.475638
NorthArcadia RouteFountain City, WIRock in house44.135551, -91.724516
NorthArcadia RouteArcadia, WIArcadia Memorial Park44.240815, -91.493149
NorthBlack River Falls RouteBlack River Falls, WIRustic Road #54 Sign44.335508, -90.591715
NorthBlack River Falls RouteBlair, WICity Hall and Library44.293944, -91.233221
NorthBlack River Falls RouteMelrose, WIHistorical Marker - 125th Anniversary44.132035, -90.996174
NorthBuena Vista RouteAlma, WIBuena Vista Park44.323669, -91.909870
NorthBuena Vista RouteFountain City, WIPraiire Moon Scuplture Garden44.197514, -91.798782
NorthBuena Vista RouteIndependance, WIOld Texaco Station44.355199, -91.426351
NorthBuffalo River RouteNelson, WIFire Department Statue44.416600, -92.003304
NorthBuffalo River RouteLookout, WILookout Lutheran Church44.458356, -91.580114
NorthBuffalo River RouteMondovi, WITourist Park44.556626, -91.670557
NorthEau Claire RouteEau Claire, WICountry Jam USA44.791338, -91.558427
NorthEau Claire RouteDurand, WIOld Courthouse44.627306, -91.968426
NorthEau Claire RouteMondovi, WIMirror Lake44.569917, -91.670569
NorthL.I. Wilder RoutePepin, WIL.I. Wilder Birthplace Wayside44.526824, -92.190583
NorthL.I. Wilder RouteMenomonie, IWMenomonie Depot and Welcome Center44.875520, -91.939180
NorthL.I. Wilder RouteArkansaw, WIArkansaw Creek Park44.637534, -92.032680
NorthMaiden Rock RouteStockholm, WIOld Post Office44.483498, -92.261755
NorthMaiden Rock RouteSpring Valley, WIChrystal Cave44.834152, -92.256522
NorthMaiden Rock RouteTrimbelle, WIVFW Helicopter44.731841, -92.581451
NorthRed Wing Fiarbault RouteLake City, MNLake City Concourse44.446246, -92.261871
NorthRed Wing Fiarbault RouteHastings, MNBridge view from Levee Park44.745218, -92.851205
NorthRed Wing Fiarbault RouteShieldsville, MNMazaska Lake Boat Ramp44.364252, -93.390095
NorthSt Croix River RouteHastings, MNPoint Douglas Park44.749233, -92.809627
NorthSt Croix River RouteHudson, WIWillow River State Park45.012720, -92.675682
NorthSt Croix River RouteBayport, MNBarkers Alps Park45.021489, -92.790934
NorthUpper Trempealeau River RouteOsseo, WIStoddard Park Sign44.573958, -91.220934
NorthUpper Trempealeau River RouteWhitehall, WIGazebo44.367766, -91.316633
NorthUpper Trempealeau River RouteTaylor, WITaylor Museum of History44.321693, -91.120528
NorthWabasha - Cannon RouteCannon Falls, MNVFW Cannon44.508911, -92.906035
NorthWabasha - Cannon RouteWest Concord, MNCentennial Park Mural44.151656, -92.899496
NorthWabasha - Cannon RouteWabasha, MNNational Eagle Center44.383925, -92.031393
NorthWinona-Whitewater RouteWinona, MNSt. Mary's College Sign44.045197, -91.699430
NorthWinona-Whitewater RouteAltura, MNWhitewater State Park44.062977, -92.043366
NorthWinona-Whitewater RouteLa Crescent, MNApple Blossom Overlook Park43.856945, -91.312692
NorthZumbro River RouteWabasha, MNScenic Overlook44.355531, -92.030661
NorthZumbro River RouteZumbrota, MNZumbrota Covered Bridge44.295968, -92.670419
NorthZumbro River RouteElba, MNFire Tower - Long Distance View44.088782, -92.017906