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Sub-Zero Blues

Up until mid-January we had a pretty mild winter.  We even managed to get a couple of short rides in, which is unusual for January.  Then came the polar vortex and the only outdoor activity we could handle was trying to keep the sidewalks and driveway clear of snow.

In addition to the cold weather, we got a lot of snow.  We set a record for January snowfall in the Quad Cities (30 inches) as shown on our deck and table.

Even though our riding season is definitely over for now, we are still finding ways to keep active in the pursuit of our passion.

One way we are keeping busy is working on paper maps of our routes.  We had posted in  a previous blog that we had a breakthrough in how we are able to create the maps.  With this success we are now able to start creating the actual map for printing.  We are currently evaluating different paper types to find something that will look good and be durable at a reasonable price.

Another thing keeping us busy is that we have been asked to create customized routes for several rides and events we are attending this summer.

We have 2 events in May (Rev It Up for Awareness, and Motoworks Ride), 2 in June (Mayhem Ride, Summer Classic), and 1 in August (MSTA TWIStar Rally).  Details for these events are available on our events calendar and they are all open to the public.  We will also post reminders about these events as the dates approach.  We would love to meet some of you at the rallies so please stop by and say hi!

In addition, we are planning a short trip to Missouri in April and a big trip to Seattle in July.  We are also going to be looking for some opportunities to take weekend trips into the Driftless Area throughout the summer.

The other thing that is keeping us going through these long, cold days are thoughts of the fun we had last summer and the prospect of more fun in the future.  Here are a few reminders of what lies ahead!!


Stay warm and think warm thoughts.

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