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Our space for rider submitted photos and videos…and some of our own!


And the last Driftless Challenge photo of the year…thanks Nat!

Rock in House (1).jpg

More submissions from Nat!!

The first entry in the September Driftless Challenge!  Thanks Nat!


Thanks Charlie!  You have been entered in this month’s Driftless Challenge!


Great entries for the Driftless Challenge from Nat P.!  Thanks for sharing!




Jorge shared these beautiful pics from a recent ride to Boscobel, WI.  Great shots!




Riding the Mindoro Cut Route with the group from MSTA TwiStar 2.0!


A truly remarkable, once in a lifetime wildlife sighting shared with us by Raymond B.  Imagine his surprise when he rounded a bend and found 2 Timber Rattlesnakes mating!  Thanks so much for sharing these with us!




The buffalo of Yellowstone



Some video from our trip to the Pacific Northwest…our foggy, wet, cold descent from Windy Ridge…Mt. St. Helens

Thanks Doug M!  Great shots as always!

20190719_113025.jpg 20190719_102459.jpg

Another great shot of the Dinky Store!  This Driftless Challenge entry is from Andrew!

WR250R Dinky.jpg

Thanks Lisa!  Great pic!

Thanks to Matt for some great shots from the Mindoro Cut Route!  Super entries for the Driftless Challenge!



Doug McConnell sent us so many great shots that we had to make a slide show out of them!  Doug currently has 6 entries in the Driftless Challenge for July…get out there and try to beat him!  🙂  Thanks Doug!



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Jay, that’s a great shot of the Dinky General Store!  Thanks for your entry in the Driftless Challenge and for visiting our sponsor Roddy!


Nat, great pic of the Old Post Office in Stockholm!  Keep those photos and entries for the Driftless Challenge coming!


Thanks Nick for the great shot and for visiting our friend and sponsor Roddy at the Dinky General Store!


Thank you Jess n Jean for an awesome shot…and thanks for sharing our routes with your friends! Keep those pictures coming!


Great photos from Doug M.  Thanks so much for sharing, and for another entry in the Driftless Challenge!



Nat has the first entry in the 2019 Driftless Challenge!


Thanks to Doug M for some awesome shots from the Sabula Anamosa Route!




Thanks Lindsey W!  This picture really makes us want to ride!


A big shout out to Roger K. for sharing some of his favorite pictures of past rides in the Driftless Area with us!  Gorgeous shots!



Thanks Nick Austin!  Great shot!


On the White Mound Route…8/18/18



This road lived up to its name…Devil’s Delight.  Ride it yourself on the River Bend Route!

Thank you to S.F. for sharing pictures from his adventurous weekend!  He and some friends rode the Taliesin route the weekend of May 5th and 6th!



A fun video our son put together for us from one of our trips on the Balltown Dreams Route:

Damon Bourne submitted these awesome shots of his ride with his son on the River Bend Route on 6/30/18.  Thanks for sharing Damon!