Additional Pictures and Video

We love to share pictures and videos of our adventures, and if you share yours with us they will go up here as well.  Send your pictures, videos or comments to, or post in the comments section.  Enjoy!

Great Aaron, thanks for the shot!

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Wonderful Ken!  Thanks!

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Beautiful!  Thanks Morgan!

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Nice!  Thanks Darrell!

Thanks John!  Great pic!

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Great shot Matt!  The sign tried to hide, but we see it!

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Awesome shot Manthos!  Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks Nick Austin!  Great shot and an entry into the contest!


On the White Mound Route…8/18/18


This road lived up to its name…Devil’s Delight.  Ride it yourself on the River Bend Route!

Thank you to S.F. for sharing pictures from his adventurous weekend!  He and some friends rode the Taliesin route the weekend of May 5th and 6th!

A fun video our son put together for us from one of our trips on the Balltown Dreams Route:


Damon Bourne submitted these awesome shots of his ride with his son on the River Bend Route on 6/30/18.  Thanks for sharing Damon!