Mindoro Cut Route

This route was plotted beginning and ending in La Crosse, WI.    combined

mindoro cut pic 2

If you prefer, paper maps are available for purchase.

Paper Map

The Mindoro Cut Route includes one of the most famous motorcycle roads in Wisconsin, the Mindoro Cut.  The cut is 74 feet (23 m) deep, 86 feet (26 m) long, and 25 feet (7.6 m) wide; it is the second-deepest cut built by hand in the Western Hemisphere and the oldest functional cut which has not been improved upon.  At approximately 270 miles long, this route, starting in La Crosse, WI, explores the hills and valleys surrounding La Crosse.  A trip to  Granddad’s Bluff  is well worth the time…the overlooks are incredible!  In addition, you will have the chance to conquer 3 Wisconsin Rustic Roads on this route.

Click on the link below to download your preferred file (v2.1):

.gpx Route File .gpx Track File .gpx Route w/ POI .kmz Route File


Some of the Many Points of Interest

  • Coon Valley:  Norskedalen, Benrud Little White Chapel
  • La Crosse:  Shrine of our Lady of Guadelupe, Granddad Bluff, World’s Largest Six Pack, La Crosse County Courthouse, Hiawatha Statue, Blue Baby in Egg Statue, Boosie Mootel Barn Sign
  • Bangor:  Leo and Leona’s
  • Rockland:  Meadow Brook Park
  • West Salem:  Lewis Point Park, Dinosaur Sculptures
  • Mindoro:  Mindoro Cut
  • Onalaska:  Sunny the Sunfish, Cat and Ball of Yarn
  • Holmen:  McGilvray “Seven Bridges” Road, Windmill Yard
  • Stoddard:  R Little Winery
  • Coon Valley:  Coon Creek Cliffs State Natural Area
  • Rustic Roads #26, #32, #64


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