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So, you may be asking yourself, who are these people and what is it that they want?  We are Dale and Renee, a couple of empty nesters who have set out on a new journey.  One of our passions is motorcycle riding…we are a 2 up couple and our current ride is a BMW R1200GSW.  We are originally from Wisconsin and now reside in Iowa.  Missing the beauty of the driftless region of Wisconsin (and searching for any road that is not flat and straight, like they all seem to be in Iowa), we started returning to our home state for motorcycle trips.  Over the past few years we have made many such trips and decided that if we love it so much there are many other people out there who would also love it.  So, Driftless Road Adventures was born!  Dale loves to create routes and Renee loves to ride them with him, so it’s the perfect combination.  As we keep saying, we do the work so you can simply ride.  So, please, try out the site, download a route, take a trip and don’t forget to leave some feedback when you have completed it.  Until then, follow along on this adventure we have embarked upon and ride safe!


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