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Paper Maps Will Be a Real Thing!

Dale and I are super excited because we finally figured out how we are going to create paper maps for those of you who want to go “old school.”  It has been our most requested item, and trying to find a way to do it has been a real challenge.  Getting enough detail to make the route easy to follow while keeping the overall map size small enough to stick in the tank bag was not an easy task.  BUT…we have just completed our first route on paper!  We started with the Pecatonica Route because it was the most recent one we rode, therefore more in our minds.  We are pretty pleased with ourselves right now, and while we are in this celebratory mode, we will be sending anyone who is a Patron of ours a free map in an effort to get some feedback.  So, if you want to get in on that, just use the Patreon button on the site.  One down, thirty-two to go!  Now that we have the basics in place it should go a lot faster from here.  We will be adding them to the store as we go.  Let us know via our contact form, Facebook, or if you have a particular route you would like us to work on next!



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