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Paper Map Update

Hey everyone!  Well, it’s been a very frustrating few months trying to figure out a way to provide paper maps to those who have been requesting them.  We have gone through many, many prototypes.  The problem?  We need a great deal of detail because our routes utilize so many small roads and bob and weave their way through very rural areas.  Other problems?  Figuring out how to provide a quality we are happy with, figuring out how to provide that quality at a price that will encourage people to buy them, while not losing money ourselves, figuring out which paper will hold up best, figuring out why our new special printer started printing all black lines in purple instead, figuring out how to combine different aspects for the maps from three different types of software…I could go on and on.  Dale and I have done endless brainstorming on these and many more issues.  I have been working on maps so much I dream about them at night!

BUT…Dale and I are happy to report that the first few routes that I have finally completed will be available very soon in the Drifltess Store.  I will be adding them one by one as they are ready so if you are looking for a particular route, please check back often.  We have chosen a paper that is both waterproof…and let me tell you, I have soaked it in my sink and the ink never budges and it dries out flat and smooth…and tear resistant.  Each map is 19 X 13 inches (folded dimensions are 6 1/2 X 5 inches so they are easy to stick in a tank bag) and I have labeled all those small roads so no one should get lost.  🙂  Some of the routes are too large to print in their entirety and still keep the detail up, so those will be split and printed with one half on the front and the other half on the back.  Although it is well below zero here today, we know that spring is right around the corner and we are so ready to ride.  I hope to have all the route maps available this month so everyone can get out there and ride our routes this spring.  I will send out a quick post each time a new route is added to the store.  We hope you are as excited about this new addition to Driftless Road Adventures as we are.

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