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Our Ride in The Flooded Pecatonica River Valley

Two thumbs up for the Pecatonica Route this past weekend!  Dale and I enjoyed sunshine and blue skies, temperatures in the 60’s, winding roads with tons of elevation changes, and amazing scenery. On Saturday we drove to Mineral Point, WI, unloaded the bike, layered on the gear, and started out on the route in a clockwise direction.

We were reminded once again of the beauty of southwestern Wisconsin (we actually met in high school not far from Mineral Point and grew up in the region) and were shocked when we came upon flooded areas of the Pecatonica River Valley.  We were not aware that this area had flooded, but it certainly made for an interesting ride as this route meanders along with the river for miles and miles.  The entire route was open, but we did see closed roads, and at one point we had to stay in a 12 inch path on the high side of a road to stay out of the flood water.

We made a stop in New Glarus, a wonderful little town also known as “America’s Little Switzerland.”  Dale had a chance to visit with both Team Power Center of Janesville, WI and the British Bike Cooperative who were hosting an event…Team’s Midwest Ride-In.  While he was doing that, I made some new friends:


We found a lovely park for a picnic lunch in Argyle, WI.  The Argyle Legion Community Park had a really amazing veterans memorial and a giant cement turtle…not something you see every day!

We encountered some fierce wildlife along the way:

We got a later start the first day because we had to drive up to the route first, so by 4:00 or so we were ready for our hot tub, a good bottle of wine, and some food.  We headed back to the hotel.  Day two we headed counterclockwise from Mineral Point and had a lovely drive around Yellowstone Lake.

One nice thing about breaking this route into two parts was that Dale and I got to ride even more of the awesome roads in the area while cutting back to the hotel.  It seemed like no matter which road we took it was as fun as the one before it!  This is a great area to ride!  We also had a few laughs over signs on this route.  Here are a few of our favorites:

We highly recommend the Petonica Route!  Enjoy a few more pictures from our adventure:

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