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October 23rd Update

One Last Ride?  Take 2…

We are still trying to take one last big ride this year, but we may have to put it off for another week; events are conspiring against us (again!!)  Hopefully the weather will hold out another week or 2 and we will be able to go.

In the meantime, our son sent us some pictures from a fun ride he took last weekend…it made us a bit envious!  On a visit to Las Vegas he rented a bike and headed off on the Extraterrestrial Highway.  There were so many fun things to see, and aside from almost running out of gas in the middle of nowhere, he had a great time.


In Other News:

As we mentioned last week, Renee and I have started to work on plans for changes and improvements that we want to make to Driftless Road Adventures.  We think we have a lot of great ideas, but we would like to hear from you too.

If you have any ideas for changes you would like to see, new routes or roads, recommendations for the Driftless Challenge or something else you would like to see on our website, send us a note.  We would love to hear from you and will consider all suggestions carefully.

Driftless Challenge:

The October Driftless Challenge is almost over.  There is still plenty of time to enter and win.  Remember, this is the last monthly drawing and all of the monthly winners will be entered in the Grand Prize Drawing at the end of the contest.

Upcoming Driftless Events:

October 26th:

November 2nd:

November 9th:

  • No Driftless Events currently planned for this weekend.


  • Planning on trying out one of our routes?  If you are interested in paper maps or pre-loaded SD cards with the routes or tracks, visit the Driftless Store today!  Your purchases go directly back into the site to help us keep it free for all to use!
  • Don’t forget to get your photos in for October’s Driftless Challenge!


Hope you are having a great week!  Ride Safe!

Dale and Renee

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