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America’s Highways–Built for All of Us

We just wanted to spread the word about the BMW MOA’s national safety campaign called, “America’s Highways–Built for All of Us.”  The statistics are alarming:  In 2017 almost 5000 motorcycle riders were killed in highway accidents and over 60 percent of motorcycle fatalities involved automobiles.  The campaign’s objective is to remind ALL OF US that we must share the road.  It aims to reduce aggressive driving as well as educate all motorists on highway dangers.  The program launched at the Des Moines, IA BMW MOA National Rally this past summer where they released this cool design:

You can find out more about the campaign as well as request materials to use for your local chapters/clubs/groups here.  You can also donate to the cause either as a tax deductible gift OR you can get some awesome gifts depending on your donation size.  Every donor also gets a chance to win a 1999 fully restored BMW R1100R no matter what size gift they give!

So, please take a look and be safe out there…sharing the road goes both ways!

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Our Ride in The Flooded Pecatonica River Valley

Two thumbs up for the Pecatonica Route this past weekend!  Dale and I enjoyed sunshine and blue skies, temperatures in the 60’s, winding roads with tons of elevation changes, and amazing scenery. On Saturday we drove to Mineral Point, WI, unloaded the bike, layered on the gear, and started out on the route in a clockwise direction.

We were reminded once again of the beauty of southwestern Wisconsin (we actually met in high school not far from Mineral Point and grew up in the region) and were shocked when we came upon flooded areas of the Pecatonica River Valley.  We were not aware that this area had flooded, but it certainly made for an interesting ride as this route meanders along with the river for miles and miles.  The entire route was open, but we did see closed roads, and at one point we had to stay in a 12 inch path on the high side of a road to stay out of the flood water.

We made a stop in New Glarus, a wonderful little town also known as “America’s Little Switzerland.”  Dale had a chance to visit with both Team Power Center of Janesville, WI and the British Bike Cooperative who were hosting an event…Team’s Midwest Ride-In.  While he was doing that, I made some new friends:


We found a lovely park for a picnic lunch in Argyle, WI.  The Argyle Legion Community Park had a really amazing veterans memorial and a giant cement turtle…not something you see every day!

We encountered some fierce wildlife along the way:

We got a later start the first day because we had to drive up to the route first, so by 4:00 or so we were ready for our hot tub, a good bottle of wine, and some food.  We headed back to the hotel.  Day two we headed counterclockwise from Mineral Point and had a lovely drive around Yellowstone Lake.

One nice thing about breaking this route into two parts was that Dale and I got to ride even more of the awesome roads in the area while cutting back to the hotel.  It seemed like no matter which road we took it was as fun as the one before it!  This is a great area to ride!  We also had a few laughs over signs on this route.  Here are a few of our favorites:

We highly recommend the Petonica Route!  Enjoy a few more pictures from our adventure:

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Time to Dig Out The Warmer Gear

Dale and I are taking advantage of the great fall weather we have been having to get out and ride the routes.  We were busy last weekend, and it was really really hot, so this weekend, with a great looking cool and crisp forecast, we are heading for the Pecatonica Route!  The mornings look to be quite cool, so it’s time to dig out some of our warmer gear…zip in some of those liners…and hit the road.  We are hoping there is some fall color to the scenery by now, and the roads on this route should be amazing!  Watch for our post after we return–we will share some pictures and I am sure a few stories.  If you are planning to ride any of the routes this weekend, please share your pics and stories with us!!  Don’t forget each route has a rating system and we would love it if you would rate them as we are always looking for feedback.

I have been working on setting up a store as another way you can support Driftless Road Adventures and help us keep the site and the routes free!  There are a few items available for sale in there now, but we hit a snag in adding more items.  Our distributor has its operation in North Carolina.  They were hit hard by hurricane Florence and are still without power, so our items on order have been delayed.  We will keep you posted as more items are added.  For now, check out our cool swag by clicking here.

Get out there and enjoy the great fall weather in the Driftless Area this weekend, and as always ride safe!IMG_1717

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30 Years, 3 Motorcycles, 1000’s of Miles

Dale and I just returned from a celebration of our 30th wedding anniversary…the 5th year we have taken a motorcycle trip to mark the occasion.  This year we were so happy to get out of the rain that had been plaguing us in Iowa and head for Minnesota to ride the Highway 16 Route.

We could not have asked for better weather as we started out on Saturday morning in cool, crisp and clear conditions.  The skies were blue and clear all day and the temp never went above 72.  The roads were amazing!  We started in La Crescent, MN and took the route clockwise.  The elevation changes and curves were so much fun and there was an incredible stretch that put us between the Root River and a bluff…that was my favorite!

This route passes through a lot of quaint little towns and many refer to themselves as the heart of Bluff Country.  They aren’t kidding!  Another awesome stretch took us straight up a ridge with land dropping way off on both sides of the road and with amazing vistas from the top.  For us it was one of the faster routes because there are fewer small bits and turns and more long stretches of good highway.  This is partially because in MN the smaller roads are gravel so we avoided them for the route, and partially because highway 16 is such a fantastic road with good speeds!


We did ride some additional gravel that was very fun as well…and even a two track that kept us on our toes, but unfortunately dead ended on us with no warning!  ADVENTURE!  Our GPS decided at one point that a little more adventure was needed and directed us off the route onto more gravel.  BUT…I was glad for the glitch because the road was lots of fun and we saw 5 deer in a short stretch.

Wildlife was great too…close encounters with 4 eagles and 12 deer (luckily, this time, not too close) as well as pheasants and sand hill cranes made it even more fun.

While we enjoy all our routes, some have amazing stretches and maybe a few that are not quite as much fun, but are necessary to get to the next amazing stretch.  This route never felt that way…we enjoyed every twist and turn.  On a personal note, I could not ask for a better partner on the bike, or in my life.  Love you!  Here’s to 30 more years and many more rides!

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5th Annual Anniversary Ride!!

Five years ago Renee and I started a tradition of taking a motorcycle ride for our wedding anniversary.  The first 2 years we rode on the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail, the next year we rode in the Loess Hills of western Iowa.  Last year we rode in the Driftless Area between Boscobel, WI and Red Wing, MN.

While we always enjoyed riding in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, our Red Wing trip really opened up our eyes to the fact that the driftless areas of Minnesota and Iowa also offer tremendous roads.  It was on this ride that we got the inspiration to create Driftless Road Adventures.

This year we are excited to be celebrating our 30th anniversary by riding the Highway 16 Route.

Highway 16 route pic

We will be riding on Saturday, and the weather is looking good, so hopefully we will see some of you on the road.  Look for our logo on our bags, and if you see us on the road give us a wave.  If we are stopped, be sure to say hi.  We love to meet other riders.

We also want to thank everyone who entered our Celebration Giveaway contest.  The winners have all been notified and their prizes are in the mail.  We had a great time seeing everyone’s pictures and hearing their stories.  Click Here to see the winning submissions.

And, as always, we want to thank you for reading our blog posts and riding our routes.  If you have any stories or pictures you would like to share, we would love to see and hear them.

Ride Safe,

Dale and Renee

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Happy Labor Day!!

We wanted to take the time to wish everyone a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend.  Remember, it’s a busy travel weekend, so if you are riding, be extra careful.

Also, there is still time to enter our Celebration Giveaway contest.  All you need to do is send us a photo of your bike near a curvy road sign like this:


Happy Riding!!

Dale and Renee

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Weather Warning!

We just wanted to make everyone aware that there has been a lot of severe weather and flooding in much of the Driftless Area.  We have seen pictures and heard stories about roads and bridges that were washed out and there is more rain in the forecast.

If you are planning on riding in the Driftless Area in the near future be sure to check local road conditions for closures and detours.

On a more positive note, we wanted to remind everyone that our celebration giveaway contest is still in progress.  Send us a picture of you or your ride next to a curvy road sign and you are automatically entered for a chance to win cool Driftless Roads gear!!


Check out our other blog posts or send us a note if you have any questions.

Happy Riding,

Dale and Renee

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Weekend Fun!!

Today I rode to Iowa City to attend the Iowa City BMW/Sun & Fun Motorsports Open House.  They had great specials, food and a Stunt Show by Chris “Teach” McNeil, who is a BMW Factory Stunt Rider.

I managed to catch Chris in one of the few moments he wasn’t moving:


Chris did stunts on all 3 of the bikes in this picture.  Here is one I managed to catch:

I also ran into my friend Paul Strubell creator of the Dirt Orcas website.  We had a good time catching up on each others’ busy summers.


Finally, we want to remind everyone that we are in the middle of a celebration giveaway contest.  Check out our previous blog post for details on custom route discounts and look at our great prizes below.  Enter today for your chance to win!!


Ride Safe!!

Dale and Renee

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Our Celebration Give Away Is Finally Here!

We are pleased to announce the first Driftless Road Adventures give-away!  In celebration of the completion of all 33 of our routes, we have decided to give away some awesome prizes!  We have cool new embroidered T-shirts, ball caps and knit caps. So how do you get one?  By now you are familiar with our logo, the winding road sign.


Now we want you to go out and take a picture of yourself or your motorcycle by one of these winding road signs.  Post it in comments on the website or Facebook, or send it to us at and not only will you be entered in our contest, but we will also share your pictures on our website and Facebook page!  The contest ends September 4th and we will draw the winners at random at that time.  Winners will be contacted and prizes will be shipped out.  Here’s a couple of recent shots that I took of Dale:



You get the idea.  So get out there and find a sign and get your picture in for a chance at some cool swag!  ALSO…in honor of our accomplishment, we are offering our Custom Routes at 1/2 PRICE!  Get a one day custom route for only $25 for a limited time!  Just contact us at for more information!  Thanks to you all…we couldn’t have gotten this far without you!