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We Are Back!!


Earlier today we discovered that due to a fiber optic break in San Antonio, Texas, our site had intermittent failures and eventually went completely down.  It is back up now and we are checking everything over at this time to make sure nothing is broken.

Thanks for your patience during this outage.

In other news, we are happy to announce that we have activated 2 more routes; the Bi-State Route, and the Highway 16 Route.  These routes are in northeast Iowa and southeast Minnesota respectively.  The upcoming Hiawatha Rally, held in Money Creek, MN is actually one of the waypoints of the Highway 16 Route.

These routes are currently only available to Patreon members at the $3 and above level.  They will be available to everyone else around 10:00 pm CST Thursday night.  Please consider becoming a Patron and have early access to routes as well as other great perks.

With the completion of these 2 routes, we are now over halfway done with the initial 33 routes!  We are really excited to reach this milestone and we are energized to keep finishing these as quickly as possible.

One last thing, thank you to all our recent followers!  Our sticker give-away was a success and we are so pleased to welcome many new people!  Please keep on spreading the word…tell all your friends about us!!


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April 13th – End of a Big Week!

It was a big week for Driftless Road Adventures.  We got new stickers and kicked off a follower promotion.  We distributed some informational posters to several motorcycle shops, and we released the River Bend Route.  We capped off the week by completing the White Mound Route.

The White Mound and the River Bend Routes are in a great location to serve riders in the eastern part of Wisconsin, and they are ideally located for anyone riding in the upcoming Slimey Crud Run.

As a reminder, the White Mound Route is only available to Patrons ($3 and up) for the next 48 hours.  After that it will be available to everyone.  Please consider becoming a Patron.  Your support would mean so much and you will have early access to all of the newly completed routes as well as other great rewards.

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April 11th 2018 Update

We just wanted to update everyone to say that the River Bend Route is now unlocked to non-patrons.  Thank you for your patience.

Route Pic

Also, we are currently sending stickers to the first 10 followers.  Sign up to follow us and if you are one of the first 10, you get a new sticker!

Be sure to send us your mailing address through our online contact form.


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Check out our new stickers!!!

Hi everyone!  Our new stickers are in and we want to share them!

The first 10 people to follow our web site and contact us with their mailing address will get a new sticker to dress up their bike, or toolbox, or lunchbox, or whatever…

If you already follow us and want to get in on the action, send us your mailing address.

The first 10 people who contact us will receive a sticker!



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The River Bend Route Has Been Completed

We are happy to be back to the work we love…creating and sharing new motorcycle routes!  The River Bend Route is complete and avialable for the next 48 hours to our Patrons who have pledged at least $3.00 a month.  After that they will be available to all on the site.  Please consider becoming a Patron.  Your support would mean so much and you will have early access to all the routes as they are completed!

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Come on Spring!

Here in the midwest spring is dragging its feet.  Here is what Dale and I woke up to this morning…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pretty?  Yes…but come on, it’s April!  With each spring snow our riding season gets shorter and shorter.  We are ready for spring and we imagine you are too.  Let’s hope for a change in the weather pattern very soon!!  If you are heartier than we are and are already out there riding, please try some of our routes and let us know what you think.  Your feedback is so important to us.  Stay safe!

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Not Trying to Clog Up Your Inboxes!

Hey everyone, sorry for the multiple social media tests that went out this morning.  We were having a problem with getting our posts to funnel out to our social media outlets.  Got it up and going so we won’t be bothering you again.  Remember you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter as well as here on the site.  Thanks and have a super Sunday!

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April 7th, 2018 Update

Thanks again everyone for your patience as we work through our start up issues.

We are happy to let you know that we have updated all of the existing routes so that they should appear as single trips when loaded into your GPS.

Now that we are past that little speed bump, we are ready to continue releasing new routes.

Please follow us to get the latest updates.

20171021_071712 (1).jpg




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Update 4/3/2018

We just wanted to thank everyone again for their patience as we work through our start up pains!  We are overwhelmed by the number of positive responses we have received and of course that motivates us even more.

Route Updates:  We have been reworking the routes to reduce the number of waypoints that were clogging things up and splitting downloads into multiple trips.  So far we have successfully reworked the 5 active southern routes to fit into 1 trip segment.

If you are on the site, you can see which routes are updated by looking at the route download table.  The new version number will be in the table title when it has been completed.  If you previously downloaded a route it will have an older version number.

Our target is to have all of the existing routes updated by the end of this week.  Then we will beginning releasing the rest of the routes as they are completed.  We will keep working hard so you can Enjoy The Ride!!

Dale–Driftless Road Adventures
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Tweaks to the Routes

Early days bring many revalations, and we have heard from some wonderful people who have checked out the site and downloaded routes that our format is not working the best.  We are currently changing the format of the downloads so that if you download to your GPS you get one trip and not seven!!  Yeah, that happened!  Working our way through them now and we really appreciate your feedback.  Keep the suggestions coming and let us know about any bugs you find.  Thanks, we are really encouraged by your support!

  Dale and Renee