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Update 4/3/2018

We just wanted to thank everyone again for their patience as we work through our start up pains!  We are overwhelmed by the number of positive responses we have received and of course that motivates us even more.

Route Updates:  We have been reworking the routes to reduce the number of waypoints that were clogging things up and splitting downloads into multiple trips.  So far we have successfully reworked the 5 active southern routes to fit into 1 trip segment.

If you are on the site, you can see which routes are updated by looking at the route download table.  The new version number will be in the table title when it has been completed.  If you previously downloaded a route it will have an older version number.

Our target is to have all of the existing routes updated by the end of this week.  Then we will beginning releasing the rest of the routes as they are completed.  We will keep working hard so you can Enjoy The Ride!!

Dale–Driftless Road Adventures
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Tweaks to the Routes

Early days bring many revalations, and we have heard from some wonderful people who have checked out the site and downloaded routes that our format is not working the best.  We are currently changing the format of the downloads so that if you download to your GPS you get one trip and not seven!!  Yeah, that happened!  Working our way through them now and we really appreciate your feedback.  Keep the suggestions coming and let us know about any bugs you find.  Thanks, we are really encouraged by your support!

  Dale and Renee

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02/26/18 Updates

In this update we added the Iowa Waterfall Route.  This route is in the Central route area.

Mt. Hosner Park – Lansing

We also added elevation change profiles to each route page.  These will give you an idea as to the number of elevation changes, the size of the changes, and the relative steepness of the changes.

Mindoro Cut Route Profile