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Happy Memorial Day

This is a big weekend for Dale and I as we are off to our son’s wedding! We won’t be able to ride, but we hope that a lot of you will! All of the completed routes are up and available for downloading. We had a glitch that made the Pike’s Peak Route available only to our Patrons, but we have corrected that.

Don’t forget that if you ride one of the routes we would love to have you come back and rate the route on the route page.  We also value any comments you send us and remember we have added a spot for any pictures or video you want to share.  Your contributions will only make the site better and better.

Recent Rider Submitted Photo

So gear up and hit the routes this weekend and please be safe!  Dale and I want to hear all about it when we get home!


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Route Update + Rider Pics

We are pleased to announce that we have released the Zumbro River Route.  This route explores the Driftless Area of Minnesota between Wabasha, Zumbroto, and the northern edge of Rochester.  It also features a long stretch of beautiful Highway 60.  Remember, Patrons get early access to all new routes.  If you would like early access to new routes,  exclusive access to all custom routes, and other discounts and rewards, please consider becoming a Patron.

We also got some wonderful feedback from some great guys from Kentucky.  They rode all the way from Louisville to ride the Taliesin Route.  It looks like they had good weather and a great time!  Click here for more pictures from the Taliesin Route.  We have added an area to the site that allows us to upload new pictures and videos all in one place.  We will share our adventures, but would love to hear about and see yours!  If you would like to share, send your pics/videos/comments to or post in the comments section on the site.



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The weekend has arrived! Is anyone planning on trying out one or more of the routes this weekend? If you do ride, please give us some feedback on the route. Pictures that we can post would be great too. Rate your route with the star rating on the route page and write us a review in the comments section please. Your feedback helps not only us, but other riders as well! Ride safe and have a great weekend!!

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The Ups and Downs of our Mother’s Day River Bend Route Ride

Today we rode a section of the River Bend Route. Apart from the many ups and downs we encountered through great elevations changes, we had a few other ups and downs to contend with.  Mother nature did not help us out and we woke up to dense fog that hung like a heavy mist in the air.  It was only 50 degrees, but because the forecast called for a high of 68 and just overcast skies, we set out.  It was damp and it was cold, but the early spring scenery in rural Wisconsin was amazing!  The roads we took were awesome, with the exception of one closed road…Sauk Street in Lodi, WI…due to construction.  This road will remain closed through July 27th, but it is easy to navigate around the closure if you have your GPS or map handy.  Dale has also added a note to the route page with suggestions for a detour around the closure.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some of the highlights for Dale and I included a trip down a rustic road where we are convinced all the wildlife was hanging out.  We got on Rustic Road #110 and immediately saw 2 sandhill cranes.  Minutes later we had two white-tailed deer cross in front of us, as well as an abundance of squirrels.  We also spent some time walking around and enjoying the art at Dr. Evermor’s Forevertron.  Built in the 1980s, it is the largest scrap metal sculpture in the world, standing 50 ft. high and 120 ft. wide, and weighing 300 tons. But the Forevertron is only one of literally hundreds of pieces of scrap metal art on the property.  Here are a few of our favorites:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had a fun trip across Lake Wisconsin on the Merrimac Ferry, and a picnic at a great park after we crossed.


One of our favorite roads was called Devil’s Delight.  I turned on my camera as we climbed up the hill.  It’s much more fun and impressive in person, but here’s an idea of the great kind of roads on this route:

After you reach the top you can head over to Devil’s Lake State Park and the ride around the park is beautiful…and free if you are just passing through.

The temperature never managed to get above 55 and the sun never did come out, so we opted to save the upper part of the route for a nicer day and started meandering our way back to Spring Green and up out of the valley to Dodgeville where we had spent the previous night and had left our trailer.  It might not have gone to plan, but it was still a really fun day…a great way to spend Mother’s Day, and a great first trip of the year!

We would love to hear about your adventures on the routes.  Any pictures you are willing to share will go up on the site as well as your ratings of the routes and any comments.  If you ever encounter a problem with a route, please tell us about that too.  We can put up notices, as we have done now on the River Bend Route, warning others about road closures or other issues and offering work-arounds.  As always, thanks for your support and ride safe!

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Mother’s Day Ride

Spring has finally found us, the bike has all its maintenance done, and all Renee wants for Mother’s Day is to take a ride!  We will be riding the River Bend Route on Sunday, so look for us if you are in the area…you will know us by the Driftless Road Adventures stickers on our bags.   We hope to catch a break in the forecasted rains and have a great adventure.  We also plan to get some pictures and video to share.  We hope that as you all get out there and ride the routes you will share your pictures and videos with us so we can put them up on the site for everyone to see.




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Rev It Up for Awareness Rally and Ride

Dale made a stop at the Rev it Up Rally Benefiting the ONE Foundation today in Davenport, IA.  What a great group of people!  Here are a few pictures from his time there.

rev it 2
Dale and the Rally Director, Brian Mumm


rev it
Gorgeous day on the waterfront!


rev it 1
Some of the wonderful volunteers who made it all happen.

Dale is looking forward to working with Brian on next years rally.  Brian has asked Driftless Road Adventures to create the route for next years ride!  Very exciting stuff!

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Spreading the Word


A big shout out to the Illowa HOG Chapter 1348 for inviting Dale to speak about the site at tonight’s meeting!  They were a very welcoming group and we appreciated the opportunity to spread the word.   Some of the Driftless Road Adventure routes corresponded nicely with a few of their upcoming rides.  We hope to hear back from some of them to get their reviews and pictures of their adventures.

Another bit of exciting news this week comes in conjunction with the Rev It Up For Awareness Rally and Ride held in Davenport, IA.  We have been asked if we would like to have an informational flyer about our site included in 1000 goodie bags being given out to riders at this event.  How could we say no to that?  We are working hard to spread the word about our site and would love it if you would do the same!

We are rocking our way through the routes to try to get them all out there for riding season.  We have completed 21 so far and hope some of you are trying them out.  We are actually planning on riding one ourselves in a couple of weeks and hope to have some video and pictures for the site from that trip.

The next route will be the Sabula Anamosa route.  Remember, Patrons get early access to the routes as they are completed.  Please consider supporting the site.  Thanks and enjoy the ride!

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4/29/18 – Another Big Week!!

Wow, this week was another big week for Driftless Road Adventures!

New Routes:  6 days ago we released two routes, the Wildcat Route and the Winona Whitewater Route.

Today we released another route, the Pike’s Peak Route.  The 270 miles Pikes Peak Route includes historic river towns, scenic vistas, waterfalls, state parks, and the heart of Iowa farming country.  As a reminder, the Pikes Peak Route is only available to Patrons at the $3 level (or higher) for the next 48 hours.


Online Review:  This week, Paul Strubell posted a review about us on his website Dirt Orcas.  Here is a link to his post:  Review

We would like to thank Paul for his kind words and we would invite everyone to visit Paul’s website:

Promotions and Connections:  We were able to make visits to 5 more motorcycle dealers this week to connect with them and leave promotional material.  We made visits to dealers in Richland Center, Wisconsin, and Iowa City and Davenport, Iowa.

We also made contact with the organizers of Rev It Up for Awareness Rally which is taking place in Davenport, Iowa this weekend.  They are expecting to have over 2000 in attendance and have agreed to distribute our information to all of their rally participants.  Here is a link to their event:   Rally Info

Finally, Dale was asked to speak at the HOG Illowa chapter monthly meeting this week.  He will be sharing information about our pre-planed routes as well as custom routes and the Driftless Challenge.

Thanks again to our friends and followers for all of the support we have received.  Your positive responses and feedback continues to energize and motivate us.

Dale and Renee


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Overlanding With

Overlanding is a term that Dale and I were not familiar with until our recent discovery of a great site,  Paul Strubell, a fellow Iowan, with a passion for all aspects of adventureous overland travel, has created an informationally rich and visually stunning “one stop shop” for fellow travelers.

On the site you will find abundant information, including, but not limited to overland travel, nature, wildlife, camping, and overland vehicles and their accessories. Don’t miss the reviews section which is an invaluable source for roadworthy gear and advice.

Need some new adventure ideas?  Then check out the Trips  section of the site and you will not be disppointed.

One of the other great features of Dirt Orcas is the availability of podcasts .  It is great to be able to sit and work on some new routes while listening to the podcasts for ideas, information, and advice from someone who has already been there and done it.

Dale and I are also trying to fit in the 2nd annual Dirt Orca’s Summer Classic ride, happening June 23rd-24th.  Sounds like a wonderful combination of education and great riding!

Spring is finally here in the midwest and Dale and I are ready to ride!  We will be taking some of the information we have gleened from the site with us and we encourage you to do the same.  One of the central ideas we have in common with is the belief that the ride is not about the destination but about the journey itself.  So let’s all get out there and create our own adventures.  Ride safe!


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4/23/18 Update – 2 More Routes Up!!

We are happy to announce that we have released 2 more routes: the Wildcat Route and the Winona-Whitewater Route.  This makes 20 routes and over 5,000 miles of tremendous roads available!!

The Wildcat Route is centered on Wildcat State Park, a popular riding destination, and stretches from La Farge to Tomah, Wisconsin.  In addition to the climb in Wildcat State Park, this route boasts a very high number of ascents and descents.


The Winona-Whitewater Route includes most of the Great River Road between La Crescent and Minneiska, Minnesota.  However, rather than just a quick run up the road, this route zig zags up and down the valleys branching off of the river road until it finally turns inland for a trip to Whitewater State Park.


Remember:  Patrons ($3 and up) get immediate access to these routes, everyone else has to wait 48 hours.

It’s finally stariting to feel like spring and we are getting our gear ready to go. We are decking out our panniers with our new stickers.  Look for us on the road in the Driftless Area!!  If you are interested in one of our small oval stickers follow the site and send us a note.  We would be happy to send you one!