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Flu Bugs, Tattoos & Black Friday Sale!

Hey everyone!  We know it’s been a while since you heard from us, but we are still alive and kicking…barely!  Dale and I have both been suffering with a rotten bug.  Life has also been busy and we recently enjoyed a great trip to Seattle to visit our son.  We are in the planning stages of a trip out there next summer to ride with him and his wife, and the more we talk about it, the more excited we get.  Hey, gotta have something to dream about during the long winter months.  Just want you to know that we are as committed as ever…in fact, check out Dale’s new tat!  Doesn’t get any more committed than that.  🙂



Since the riding season has basically wrapped up here in the Midwest, we are beginning some work on paper maps of the routes.  We have had many requests for them so we have decided to give it a go and we hope to have some available in the Spring.  It’s an exciting new part of this adventure.

We also wanted to announce our Black Friday sale!  Everything in the Driftless Store will be 15% off this weekend!  So stop on by and stock up!

Dale and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!  We are so thankful this year for all of the support you continue to give us…our Patrons, our supporters, and our followers…thank you so much!

2 thoughts on “Flu Bugs, Tattoos & Black Friday Sale!

  1. Found your site earlier and was just reading your blog today. Looks like some great routes!
    I have a daughter living in Seattle and another in Boulder, CO. I’ll avoid the long back story and just say that we (my daughters, my wife & I) are planning a ride from Boulder to Seattle in the spring. I’ll get a few extra miles riding from Okoboji to Boulder. I would love to hear about your planned route to Seattle.

    1. Welcome! So glad you found us! As for our route to Seattle…we are actually hauling the bike out there and then riding with our son and daughter in law. We will be happy to post some of the awesome rides we are planning outside of Seattle when we have them locked down. Your trip sounds fantastic and we would love to hear all about it! Please follow us on the site and on Facebook or Twitter: @driftlessroads

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