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August 28th Events Update

Big Weekend of Riding Coming Up!!

The weather forecast for this long weekend looks like little to no rain and some cooler than normal temperatures in the Driftless Area.  We hope that everyone has a chance to get out for some riding this weekend.  We always try to have a little getaway for our anniversary, and number 31 is on the 3rd so we have plans to ride in the Driftless Area ourselves this weekend.   If you see us out and about somewhere, be sure to wave or stop by to say hi!!


Road Construction Ahead:

Is it just us or have you noticed that there seems to be more road work going on now than usual?  Maybe it was the late, wet spring, or the summer flooding, but if you are seeing too much of this:
road closed
and you want more of this:
you might consider buying one of our waterproof paper maps.  In addition to showing you our amazing routes, you can use them to navigate road closures and detours to get back on your way quickly!

Driftless Challenge:

The August Driftless Challenge will end this Saturday (August 31st).  The September Driftless Challenge will begin on Sunday.  The August winner will be announced early next week.  Get your pictures in by Saturday night to be entered into the August Challenge!!

 August 31st:

September 7th:

September 14th:

Please check our Events Calendar for more details on these and other Driftless Events.


  • Planning on trying out one of our routes?  If you are interested in paper maps or pre-loaded SD cards with the routes or tracks, visit the Driftless Store today!  Your purchases go directly back into the site to help us keep it free for all to use!
  • Don’t forget to get your photos in for August’s Driftless Challenge!

Hope you are having a great week!  Ride Safe!

Dale and Renee

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