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August 21st Events Update

You can’t ride EVERY weekend, can you?
This summer we have been very busy with riding, events, and the normal activities that go along with working on a fixer upper house (our son’s).  This past weekend, I had to take some time to do (slightly overdue) scheduled maintenance.
So Sunday was spent on an oil and filter change, final drive oil change, final drive spline inspection,  spark plug and air filter change, valve clearance measurement, brake pad and disc measurement, and service message reset.  It took most of the day, but I like doing this kind of work because it keeps me in tune with the condition of my bike and of course, it saves money.  But, based on how my knees felt on Monday, I think I need to take some of the money I saved and buy a bike lift, LOL!
Do you work on your bike?  Send us a note and tell us about some of the work you do (or what you will not do).

68755751_10220116999663368_1997765718036185088_nPrairie Moon Scuplture Garden

There is only one event I could find in the Driftless Area this weekend.  If you aren’t going to Wisconscoot, you might want to try out one of our many routes.  If you do, take some pictures and enter the August Driftless Challenge.

August 24th:

August 31st:

September 7th:

Please check our Events Calendar for more details on these and other Driftless Events.



  • Planning on trying out one of our routes?  If you are interested in paper maps or pre-loaded SD cards with the routes or tracks, visit the Driftless Store today!  Your purchases go directly back into the site to help us keep it free for all to use!
  • Don’t forget to get your photos in for August’s Driftless Challenge!

Hope you are having a great week!  Ride Safe!

Dale and Renee

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