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April 13th – End of a Big Week!

It was a big week for Driftless Road Adventures.  We got new stickers and kicked off a follower promotion.  We distributed some informational posters to several motorcycle shops, and we released the River Bend Route.  We capped off the week by completing the White Mound Route.

The White Mound and the River Bend Routes are in a great location to serve riders in the eastern part of Wisconsin, and they are ideally located for anyone riding in the upcoming Slimey Crud Run.

As a reminder, the White Mound Route is only available to Patrons ($3 and up) for the next 48 hours.  After that it will be available to everyone.  Please consider becoming a Patron.  Your support would mean so much and you will have early access to all of the newly completed routes as well as other great rewards.

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