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4/23/18 Update – 2 More Routes Up!!

We are happy to announce that we have released 2 more routes: the Wildcat Route and the Winona-Whitewater Route.  This makes 20 routes and over 5,000 miles of tremendous roads available!!

The Wildcat Route is centered on Wildcat State Park, a popular riding destination, and stretches from La Farge to Tomah, Wisconsin.  In addition to the climb in Wildcat State Park, this route boasts a very high number of ascents and descents.


The Winona-Whitewater Route includes most of the Great River Road between La Crescent and Minneiska, Minnesota.  However, rather than just a quick run up the road, this route zig zags up and down the valleys branching off of the river road until it finally turns inland for a trip to Whitewater State Park.


Remember:  Patrons ($3 and up) get immediate access to these routes, everyone else has to wait 48 hours.

It’s finally stariting to feel like spring and we are getting our gear ready to go. We are decking out our panniers with our new stickers.  Look for us on the road in the Driftless Area!!  If you are interested in one of our small oval stickers follow the site and send us a note.  We would be happy to send you one!


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